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Charlie Fagan started square dancing at the age of six through a parks & recreation program. He enjoyed the music, and was fascinated by the caller’s ability to direct the dancers though music and command.  His parents got involved in the activity after witnessing how much fun the kids were having. His Father was inspired to become a square dance caller and enrolled in a class taught by Bob Van Antwerp.

This soon turned into a family affair as they became very involved with the square dance community. They all carried a responsibility while they owned and operated a square dance hall in the city of Torrance. It was during this time; Charlie’s parents recognized his natural ability and keen interest in pursuing the art of calling. For his fifteenth birthday, his parents enrolled him in Bob Van Antwerp's instruction class for callers.  Charlie and his Father were the first father & son team Bob had ever instructed!

So, that brings us to today, in which Charlie has been calling & instructing modern western square dancing for over 30 years! Besides California, he has called in Arizona, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming. He has called dances for schools, fairs, private parties, public events, and was even featured in a recent television commercial! He will call a dance to suit your needs. All dancers (experienced or not) will enjoy his easy to follow routines and good natured humor.

Charlie also instructs Basic through Advanced classes every week, and looks forward to seeing his students grow as dancers. He takes pride in his instructional skills, and believes any person can be taught how to square dance with the right assistance.

Charlie is a member of CallerLab & was the former President of the Orange County Callers Association (OCCA). He is BMI/ASCAP Licensed.

Charlie is proud of his involvement with square dancing. He is grateful for the opportunity to work with the community, and cannot believe how many wonderful people he has met through the art of dance.

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Charlie enjoys Square Dance related topics & web pages.

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When time permits enjoys camping, fishing,going to swap-meets & getting the deal of the day. Of course Square dancing to some of his favorite callers.

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Charlie Fagan
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